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Featured trek: Mt. Sinai and Jebel Safsafa
There is more to Mt. Sinai than just its peak. Only a few steps off the main tourist path, between Mt. Sinai and Ras Safsafa, there are little magical basins with shrubs and trees, ruined and intact Byzantine chapels, wells, dams and gardens, as well as stunning views down the gullies to different directions...more

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Remember: even if you have all the maps, GPS, satellite phone and whatever you think you need to survive in the desert, you have to have a Bedouin guide. Apart from being against the law, it would be foolish to venture off alone into the Sinai wilderness. The GPS waypoints are available so visitors can follow the trek as it progresses and orientate themselves, not to find your own way!

The photo archive

The archive contains over 25.000 photos collected across the Sinai since 2005. It is an overwhelming number, but you don't have to go through them all as the best photos are being organised into different albums on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, as a supplement to the Sinai Trekking And Safari guide, the photos have been tagged according to geographical location, so visitors can get a visual impression of the places of interest.
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From coast to coast and to the southernmost tip... this is the only guide to Sinai that covers all the main trekking and safari routes across the peninsula. The focus is on trekking and camel safaris, but the guide also features a smaller part on 4×4 safaris, plus a lot of other useful and interesting information... more