4×4 Safari

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOften called Jeep Safaris or Off-Road Safaris, the 4×4 safaris are usually done with Toyota Landcruisers and Jeeps, although you find every other car make. Most visitors embark on fully organised safaris, that is driver, guide, food, drinks and accommodation are included. Still, the guidebook comes handy – programmes offered by commercial operators and local guides follow more or less the same routes. It is possible to organise an off-road venture independently and even with your own car, if you live in Cairo or other city and have one – but you still need a support car with a Bedouin guide, or a Bedouin guide who you take on board, if you go off the main asphalt roads. 4×4 safaris involve little walks as many sights can only be reached on foot, but that always comes as a bit of a relief after hours spent bouncing in a metal box.

Main places and attractions in South Sinai accessible by vehicle on and off road  offroad-4x4-jeep-safaris
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1. Sharm el Sheikh [o]; 2. Ras Mohamed National Park [o]; 3. El Tur [o]; 4. Abu Zenima [o]; 5. Hamam Faraun [o]; 6. Wadi Gharandal [o]; 7. Wadi Mukattab [o] and Wadi Maghara [o]; 8. Serabit el Khadim [o]; 9. Jebel Hmeyer [o]; 10. Forest of Pillars (Jebel Fuqa) [o]; 11. Jebel Dalal [o]; 12. Wadi Feiran [o]; 13. Sheikh Awad [o]; 14. St. Katherine [o] and Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa) [o]; 15. Blue Desert [o]; 16. Wadi Zalaqa [o]; 17. Jebel Berqa [o] and El Breqa [o]; 18. Ein Umm Ahmed [o]; 19. Wadi Watir [o]; 20. Coloured Canyon [o]; 21. Ein Khudra oasis [o] and White Canyon [o]; 22. Nawamis site [o]; 23. Jebel Barqa (Jebel Makharum) [o] and Haduda sand dune [o]; 24. Arada Canyon [o]; 25. Jebel Mileihis [o]; 26. Nuweiba [o]; 27. Abu Galum Protectorate [o]; 28. Dahab [o]; 29. Ein Kid [o]; 30. Nabq Protectorate [o].

Suggested off-road 4×4 circuits in the Sinai

380-4x4-01Circuit 1: The big tour – coast, desert and St. Katherine (14 days)

This circuit visits all the major sites accessible on- or off-road. We start in Sharm el Sheikh, but it is also convenient coming from Cairo via Ras Sudr and starting at Abu Zenima, leaving our first day for last.

390-4x4-02Circuit 2: The desert tour with St. Katherine (9 days)

This circuit leaves out the coast but visits all the major sites in the interior.

400-4x4-03Circuit 3: The best of the desert plus St. Katherine (7 days)

This circuit visits all the major sites in the desert between Nuweiba, Dahab and St. Katherine.

410-4x4-04Circuit 4: The desert highlights (3-4 days)

This short circuit visits the highlights in the desert between Nuweiba, Dahab and St. Katherine.