Aerial Photos of Sinai

An easy exercise for the beginning of the new year… part of the massive task of tagging all the pictures in the Photo Archive, the few aerial photos I have have been tagged. To understand the area better, on some of the photos the attractions have been named and pointed out, but you can also narrow the results using keywords.

You can see ALL pics here:

Or you can see the following attractions and locations on the aerial photos:
Tiran Island
Dahab, Abu Galum and the Red Sea coast
Jebel Barqa (Makharum) and Haduda sand dune
Mt. Katharina, El Frush, Blue Desert, High Mountains
St. Katherine and the High Mountains, Sheikh Awad
Guna Plateau
Jebel Dalal
El Ramla and the Tih Plateau
Jebel Raqaba (Forest of Pillars), Ramlat Hmeyer and Serabit el Khadim

From wings came flight!

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