The Guidebook

To get the most out of your trek or safari in the Sinai, having the complete or the highlights version of the route guide comes really useful. One covers all the Sinai trekking and safari routes, including a shorter part on 4×4 safari, while the other 12 of the best trekking and camel safari routes. In both books the described treks correspond to the routes and waypoints featured on this website and the downloadable files, plus the guide contains other vital information, notes on culture, history and nature, illustrations; and a part with a comprehensive list of useful Arabic words and expressions for trekkers. For details see the guidebooks below:

● Sinai Trekking And Safari: the complete route guide with GPS waypoints

Trekking in South Sinai: the highlights

Trekking guides: Sinai EgyptSinai, Egypt: trekking guide