Sinai trekking guide: the highlights

Sinai trekking guide - 2nd edition

The slimmer version of the complete route guide, this book features 12 of the best Sinai mountain and desert treks. This concise guide is ideal for those who want to learn about the main options in Sinai and see one or some of the highlights. It is now the second, updated and expanded edition, based on the original trekking guide published in 2011. The book features the original 8 plus another 4 treks – with these walks, ranging from easy day-hikes to bit longer and more demanding treks, a diverse range of attractions from the different regions of Sinai is covered.

The guidebook contains over 60 maps and illustrations, notes on culture, history and nature, and a part with a comprehensive list of useful Arabic words and expressions for trekkers. Furthermore on this website you can view the exact routes – with photos – shown in Google Maps, as well as download the Google Earth files and the GPS waypoints.

Second, updated and expanded edition: July 8, 2014.
First published: June 09, 2011.
ISBN: 978-1499602647
Page Count: 114
Trim Size:5.5″ x 8.5″
Color: Black and White

Sample maps and illustrations

Over 60 maps and illustrations featured in the guidebook – see a few samples.

Maps and illustrations are by the author. You can look inside the book on

Table of contents
Preface 6
Introduction 7
Information for visitors 8
Responsible tourism 11
The Bedouin 12
Bedouin gardens 14
Camels 15
The trekking and safari regions 18
Geographical features and their local names 20
Fauna and flora 24
Common aromatic and medicinal herbs 25
Maps, GPS waypoints and viewing the routes on computer 26
Organising a trek 30
Region I: Around St. Katherine (High Mountain Region) 34
● Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa) and Jebel Safsafa (1 day) 37
● Mt. Katharina (1-2 days) 47
● Jebel Abbas Basha via Farsh Abu Mahashur (1 day) 56
● The Wadi Tinya circuit (1-3 days) * 61
Region II: South of St. Katherine 65
● Jebel Umm Shaumar (1-2 days) 66
Region III: Between St. Katherine, Dahab and Nuweiba 69
● Arada Canyon and Nosrat el Guna (2-3 days) * 71
● Nawamis Site, Jebel Matamir, Jebel Barqa and Haduda sand dune (3-4 days) * c 73
● White Canyon and Ein Khudra (1-2 days) * c 76
● Jebel Mileihis (1-2 days) * c 80
Region IV: Inland from the Nuweiba-Taba coast 82
● Coloured Canyon from Ras Shaitan (1-2 days) * c 84
Region V: Around Serabit el Khadim 86
● From Serabit el Khadim to Wadi Mukattab (2-3 days) * c 88
Region VI: Around Wadi Feiran 91
● Jebel Serbal (2-3 days) 93
Index of places, credits 109Treks marked with * are easy-moderate; treks with c are suitable for camel riding.