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In the Sinai you find historical sites from different ages. Some of them are ruins, only of interest to scholars, others are famous such as the Monastery of St. Katherine, and there are many lesser known but important and beautiful sites. The earliest ruins date back to bronze age, as a testimony that mining was already practiced from early times. You find inscriptions all over the Sinai carved in rock faces, featuring drawings of camels, other signs and writings in different ancient scripts. Nabataeans, the inhabitants of Petra in Jordan, had outposts in the Sinai and you find circular stone buildings known as nawamis all over South Sinai, except the High Mountain Region proper. Stone circles known locally as nosra, meaning trap, are found in many places at the best lookout points of mountain ranges. Most probably they are not traps but again Nabataean ruins, possibly part of a communication network as from each of these places you can see several other similar points quite far away. In two places in the Sinai there was turquoise mining from Pharaonic times, and one even features a temple and other ruins. The Sinai is also a Biblical landscape and you find sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, the most famous of them is Mt. Sinai or as locally known, Jebel Musa (Gebel Musa). There are many Byzantine sites, some ruined but many intact and well maintained, including churches, monasteries, gardens, hermit cells and monastic settlements. And you find newer, but still historic places, such as the ruins from the era of Abbas Basha and old Bedouin shrines. Just as much as the geographical landscape, the range of historical attractions is also very diverse in the Sinai.

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