Main Sinai attractions

Whole Sinai is desert, and one of the driest in the world at that, but you could divide it to ‘mountains’ and ‘desert’. The High Mountain Region, technically called a ‘high altitude desert ecosystem’, is wetter than and very different from the rest of the peninsula. Strictly speaking it is around the town of St Katherine in the centre, but in a broader sense the whole south-western tip of the peninsula is considered to be part of the high mountains. Desert landscapes, as most people imagine desert, are found in the sandy belt that stretches across the peninsula virtually from coast to coast, north of the mountainous tip and south of the Tih and the Guna Plateaus.

  • St. Katherine and Mt. Sinai: the two most famous tourist sites in the Sinai are found in the town of Saint Katherine, but there are other lesser known attractions in and around town.
  • The high mountains: the roof of Sinai, with many peaks above 2000 metres, containing a maze of wadis with lush Bedouin orchards.
  • The desert: as stunning as any in the world, the sandy desert areas of Sinai are very diverse, with big open sandy plains, long plateaus, sandstone hills and rock formations, canyons and oases.
  • The coast: wash off the dust of a long trek or desert safari in one of the coastal national parks.
  • Index of locations: alphabetical list of all the places along the main Sinai trekking and safari routes, as mentioned in the guidebook, linked to corresponding photos.

The main attractions in the Sinai on the map

Sinai attractions
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Cities, towns, settlements: 1. Sharm el Sheikh [o]; 2. Dahab [o]; 3. Nuweiba [o]; 4. Taba; 5. St. Katherine [o]; 6. Sheikh Awad [o]; 7. Wadi Feiran [o]; 8. El Tur [o]; 9. Abu Zenima [o]; 10. Serabit el Khadim [o]; 11. Ras Sudr [o];
Places of interest: 12. St. Katherine and Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa) [o]; 13. Mt. Katharina [o]; 14. Jebel Abbas Basha [o]; 15. Bab el Donya [o]; 16. Galt el Azraq [o]; 17. Kharazet el Shaq [o]; 18. Jebel Naja [o]; 19. Sida Nogra [o]; 20. Jebel Banat [o]; 21. Ras Mohamed National Park [o]; 22. Nabq Protectorate [o]; 23. Abu Galum Protectorate [o]; 24. Ein Kid [o]; 25. Wadi Isla [o]; 26. Jebel Umm Shaumar [o]; 27. Blue Desert [o]; 28. Jebel Guna [o]; 29. Arada Canyon [o]; 30. Nawamis site [o]; 31. Jebel Matamir [o]; 32. Jebel Barqa (Jebel Makharum) [o] and Haduda sand dune [o]; 33. Ein Khudra oasis [o] and White Canyon [o]; 34. Closed Canyon [o]; 35. Jebel Mileihis [o]; 36. Jebel Berqa [o] and El Breqa [o]; 37. Wadi Watir [o]; 38. Coloured Canyon [o]; 39. Wishwashi Canyon [o]; 40. Rainbow Canyon [o]; 41. Ein Umm Ahmed [o]; 42. Wadi Zalaqa [o]; 43. Jebel Dalal [o]; 44. Forest of Pillars (Jebel Fuqa) [o]; 45. Jebel Hmeyer [o]; 46. Serabit el Khadim [o]; 47. Wadi Gharandal [o]; 48. Hamam Faraun [o]; 49. Wadi Mukattab [o] and Wadi Maghara [o]; 50. Jebel Serbal [o].