The Coast

The main focus of this website is on the interior, but some of the treks and 4×4 safaris finish at or visit beautiful natural sites on the coast, so they are described here. The website, and the guidebook, are not dealing with attractions in or under the water: no diving spots, beaches or city attractions are mentioned. You find tonnes of information about them on other websites and in other publications, we’re dealing with places related to trekking and safari.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbu Galum Protectorate: One of the coastal nature protectorates, extending both into the sea and inland, Abu Galum provides a pristine coast line between Nuweiba and Dahab. Approachable by car only from the north via Bier Zweir, it is also connected on foot or camel-back to the Blue Hole and Dahab in the south. Some treks from the interior also connect to Abu Galum. There are camps at Bier Zweir and simple beach huts on the shores at the Blue Laguna and Ras Abu Galum.

Hamam Faraun SinaiHamam Faraun: Hot thermal water surfaces along the coast at Hamam Faraun and steam turns a few little caves into natural saunas. It is not the top tourist attraction, so making a detour might not be worth just to see this site. However, it is on the Cairo-Sharm el Sheikh road between Ras Sudr and Abu Zenima, so if you are coming this way you might as well stop for a short visit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANabq Protectorate: The northernmost point where mangroves can still be found along the Red Sea coast, Nabq Protectorate is at the wide floodplains of the mountain wadis north of Sharm el Sheikh. The main tracks are either from Wadi Khrezi – marked as Wadi Kid in several maps – and from the Sharm suburb of Nabq, with a National Park ticket office at both. You find an informative National Park Visitor Centre and simple huts providing fresh seafood and accommodation at the Maria Schroeder wreck and at a location known as Ghurgana.

Ras Mohamed National ParkRas Mohamed National Park: Ras Mohamed, the first National Park in the Sinai, is famous for its underwater life and coral reefs, and so is usually visited for snorkelling and scuba diving, either by car or boat. It is a pleasant spot even if you are not into water sports. It is the southernmost point of the Sinai Peninsula and there are a number of beaches in little cute bays, as well as lookout points. There are toilet facilities. You have to pay an entrance fee to the national park.