Jebel Matamir

Trek 16

Located near the Nawamis site – actually, as a beautiful background to it – Jebel Matamir is a magical place. It is a group of elongated sandstone hills, rising from a sandy plain. You find secluded sandy basins atop and steep sand dunes in narrow gullies. Jebel Matamir has a couple of peaks that you can climb, but the path is tricky at places. From the top you have far reaching views on the sand desert and distant high mountain ranges.

Other names/spellings: Jabal, Gebel, Gabal, Djebel, Djabal – Matameer, Mutamir


  • Jebel Matamir: a sandstone range with secluded basins and steep sand dunes in the Nawamis area near the St. Katherine road, with its surrealistic stone formations visible from far away.
  • Nawamis area: a big open sandy plain on two sides of the St. Katherine road, with Naqb Ghlim, Wadi Rum and the Hajar Maktub area in the north, and the Nawamis Site, Jebel Matamir, Wadi el Kiri and Wadi Jibi in the south. There is a small settlement where guides and camels can be organised.
  • Wadi el Kiri: a wadi with a massive rock hill, on the way from the Nawamis area to Jebel Barqa.
  • Wadi Jibi (upper): another way from the Nawamis area to Jebel Barqa.
  • Dune at Safra: a big sand dune piled up next to a massive rock head, which you could reach from the Matamir ranges. From there you could head to the Wadi Arada settlement via Wadi Jina, or carry on to Bier Safra and destinations beyond.

Trek 16