All photos in the Photo Archive that feature people have been tagged, and you find quite a lot of images if you search for this tag. I know most people personally, many of them are good friends, others are who I travelled with or met in other circumstances, and there are also a few of me. If you find yourself featured on a photo and want to have it without watermark, or have the picture removed from the archive for some reason, please contact me. If you want to go through all photos and have the time for it, you’re welcome, but there are ways to narrow the results. To help you, here are some suggestions.

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See: people+St. Katherine , people+Dahab , people+camels , people+snow

El Freish is a special place near the town of St Katherine that hosted a few events, from traditional ‘fuela’ to parties and corporate training. See: people+El Freish

More tags will be added later and added to this page, so check back time to time.

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