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Click to open Photo Archive.

The Photo Archive has several aims and functions. First, it aims to show the beauty and diversity of this land and glimpses of life in the Sinai, and for this reason the best photos are being organised into different albums – to see them visit the home page of the archive. It is also a supplement to the ‘Main Attractions’ part of the website and the ‘Index of Locations’ of the guidebook. Photos in the archive have been tagged according to geographical locations (geotags), so people can view all pictures related to a certain place. On the Photo Archive pages you see other related tags (keywords) which you can combine with the geotags to narrow the search. Further tags will be added so you can find pictures corresponding to different topics. Photos are displayed according to user rating by default, hoping the best pics will float to the top, but you have many other filtering and search options to get the results you want. You can also list images according to date or see them in calendar mode, so play around with the archive to get the hang of it.


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You can narrow your search by adding another keyword or geotag. For example:

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The archive contains virtually all my pictures made in the Sinai since 2005. I was overblown by the beauty of the land and the friendliness of the people when I first arrived, and I started taking pictures from the very beginning. I do not claim to be a professional photographer, but I believe I was lucky enough to catch a few nice photos. Also, especially since the EU project I worked in, my aim was to document the treks. I tend to take a lot of pictures and from different angles as I walk along, which later can be very useful to remember a given route. There are over 25.000 pictures in the archive, which might seem overwhelming, but if you consider over 250 locations are mentioned in the guidebook and listed in the ‘Index of Locations’, it all comes to a more manageable number. I used these photos as an aid when I was writing the guidebook, but they could also be useful for others and that’s why I am sharing them all. Those who plan to visit Sinai can get a visual impression of all the places along the trekking and safari routes, but the archive can also be helpful for researchers who want to see, for example, the state of water and vegetation at different times, or gardens, ancient buildings etc. The archive is also a personal gallery to some extent, remembering my time in the Sinai and those I’ve met, and so there are quite a few pictures of people, daily life and local events. The archive also contains some photos from friends, of places or events where we’ve been together but I didn’t have a working camera on me. Unfortunately it is necessary to watermark photos, especially since it is all my photos and in fairly big resolution, but the pictures I believe are still enjoyable and informative. In certain cases I can provide photos without watermark, such as for academic use or if you are featured on a photo. Also, if you want to have a photo removed on which you are featured, I can do so, but in each case I have to verify these claims. Click here to contact me.