Trek 20: Nuweiba, Abu Galum Protectorate and Dahab

A great way to finish a desert adventure is at the sea – Nuweiba is a nice option, and the Abu Galum Protectorate, with its undeveloped coast and crystal clear waters, is just perfect. From the desert region it is a long and not too exciting 2-3 days walk, so if you want to take a car that’s understandable. If you do want to walk, to Abu Galum you can start from either Jebel Mileihis or from the Haduda sand dune. It is a pleasant trek with beautiful parts, and arriving at the sea is spectacular. From Jebel Mileihis you can also walk to Nuweiba. It is a nice route, but most of it is next to car tracks and under high voltage cables. The finish is beautiful, as the view of the Muzeina village in Nuweiba opens up, but here again you are reminded that you’re back in civilisation.

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Trek photos


waypoint 01: Farat el Ataba


waypoint 02: Wadi Samqi settlement


waypoint 03: turn off to Wadi Saada


waypoint 04: reaching Nuweiba


waypoint 06: Bier Zweir

waypoint 08: Naqb Umm Misma bottom

waypoint 08: Naqb Umm Misma bottom


waypoint 09: view back from the top of Naqb Umm Misma


waypoint 10: Wadi Rsasa – Wadi Amud junction


waypoint 11: footpath to Wadi Oqda


waypoint 12: gorge shortly after Bier Oqda


waypoint 13: reaching the sea at Abu Galum


waypoint 14: Blue Laguna


waypoint 15: Ras Abu Galum, with the coastal path to the Blue Hole


waypoint 16: the Blue Hole


waypoint 17: 4×4 route between Farat el Ataba and Wadi Samqi


waypoint 18: Wadi Amud top, turn off to Abu Galum by car