Trek 26: From Wadi Feiran to Sheikh Awad (1-2 days)

The route from Wadi Feiran to Sheikh Awad is part of the traditional pilgrim route to the Monastery of St. Katherine and Mt. Sinai. It is a pleasant and easy walk with a couple of nice spots, but unless you are doing it as part of a long trek, you might skip this route and spend more time exploring another attraction. Along this route there are several Bedouin settlements and a couple of Nawamis buildings, and the open sandy area at Sheikh Abu Taleb is pretty. In Sheikh Awad the Al Karm Ecolodge is a nice place to finish, and you could take the traditional pilgrim route to St. Katherine via Naqb el Hawa, or other routes to the high mountains.

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Trek photos


waypoint 01: approaching the Wadi Islaf junction, with the view of Jebel Serbal in the background


waypoint 02: Wadi Islaf, a little after the Wadi Rim junction


waypoint 03: Nawamis buildings opposite the Wadi Hebron junction


waypoint 04: looking back from the turn off to Sheikh Abu Taleb, with the view of Jebel Serbal


waypoint 05: Sheikh Abu Taleb, with the view of the high mountains in the background


waypoint 06: descent back to Wadi Islaf


waypoint 07: Sheikh Awad settlement, bottom of the Naqb el Hawa pass